Do I have to own a Schipperke to join?

Membership in the Colonial Schipperke Club is open to all Schipperke fanciers regardless of whether or not their family currently includes a Schipperke. Some of our members have a number of furry family members, while others are waiting for just the right Schipperke to come along and brighten their lives.  

Are there any dues?

Our members pay annual dues that help to offset the cost of the activities and events that the club sponsors. The dues payment includes a subscription to the Schip Scoop, the club's quarterly newsletter. Current dues are $25 annually for individuals and $45 for families. Dues are used to pay for show trophies and fees, food at the SchipNics, donations to Schipperke rescue organizations and to maintain the club's website.

Can I learn more about Schipperkes through the CSC?

The Colonial Schipperke Club offers our guests and members a number of opportunities to learn more about Schipperkes. The club is a great way for novices and veterans to network with individuals who are involved in the many aspects of the breed: showing, training, rescue, problem solving, food selection, grooming, breeding, etc.   

Our meetings and events provide an excellent arena for the sharing of information. Additional information is available on a variety of topics in our quarterly newsletter, the Schip Scoop. Our SchipNics are geared toward the fun side of Schipperkes, and includes activities and contests that are designed to provide pleasant distractions for the dogs and the humans.  

What do I have to do to join?

Membership is about participation in club events and activities, and interaction with other members of the club. The Colonial Schipperke Club offers a wide variety of events during the course of the year to assist applicants in getting directly involved and getting to know many of our members. The Colonial Schipperke Club derives its strength and relevance from the direct participation of our members. Without such participation, the club could not endure.   

Membership applications are available from the CSC Secretary. You are welcome to participate in club activities as a non-member until you get to know people.  

We also invite you to subscribe to our quarterly newsletter, the Schip Scoop, to learn more about the club and our members as you become better acquainted with the club before joining. A Schip Scoop subscription is $15 annually.

Can I attend your events without joining the club?

Yes. All of our events and activities are open to non-members. Check the Calendar page or contact the CSC Secretary for information.  

I don't show my Schipperke. Can I still join?

Membership in the CSC is open to everyone who loves and appreciates Schipperkes. The club sponsors events and activities that appeal to the broad range of interests of all of our members in the areas of recreation, rescue, performance, and conformation. The broad spectrum of interests and talents among our members greatly enhances the diversity, appeal, and fun offered by the Colonial Schipperke Club to the Schipperke community in the mid-Atlantic area.  


Can I join if I don't live in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area?

All Schipperke fanciers are welcome to apply for membership in the Colonial Schipperke Club once they have fulfilled the basic requirements for application. If you live somewhat distant from the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, some extra planning may be required so that you can attend one or more of our meetings and events. We hold meetings in conjunction with our two SchipNics and at our two Specialty shows a year. 

What are the advantages of joining the club?

Your membership and active participation in the Colonial Schipperke Club (CSC) assist the club and the entire Schipperke community in a number of ways. The primary mission of the club is to support the breed and to encourage interest in Schipperkes among the general public. We best achieve this mission through an active membership that participates in club events and activities in the greater Washington, D.C. area.   

The CSC actively supports Schipperke rescue through, which serves as a safe haven for homeless, abused, and abandoned Schipperkes. The CSC supports the rescue efforts of the other regional Schipperke clubs and independent organizations across the United States and Canada. As a member of the Virginia Federation of Dog Clubs & Breeders (VFDCB), the CSC joins with other breed clubs and kennel clubs to lobby in favor of legislation designed to put controls on puppy mills and backyard breeders to require humane treatment of animals.   

The CSC's involvement in performance events has sparked an interest in these events among our members and other Schipperke owners. Many of our former rescue and pedigreed Schipperkes compete in performance events such as agility, obedience, and freestyle dance. Many Schipperkes compete well in agility trials, which gives the general public the opportunity to see Schipperkes in action as they negotiate the obstacles and jumps in a competition. Participation in performance competitions provides our members with the opportunity to achieve a variety of titles on dogs who would otherwise be coach-potatoes.   

Our support of AKC conformation shows gives our breeder-members the opportunity to validate their Schipperkes in pursuit of championship titles. The puppies that result from breeding quality stock serve as a future source of healthy, lovable furry friends who add joy and purpose to our lives.