2023-2024 Board

President – Kristin Morrison

Kristin has been involved in showing and breeding dogs for over 35 years, and Schipperkes since 2001. She’s served the SCA Board of Directors since 2010 in various appointments including Recording Secretary, Vice President, President, Director, and Show Chair for the 2012 SCA National. Kristin values family life, residing about 10 miles from where she and her husband each grew up. Kristin’s teenage boys are very involved in competitive kart racing, which has incorporated the whole family.

Vice President – Cathy Thistle

As a Schipperke lover for nearly 50 years, Cathy has been active in many aspects of the breed. As the proud owner of Foxnoir Schipperkes, she has produced show-quality pups for since the mid-1980s, with numerous earning various AKC titles. Cathy is well-known in the show ring and continues to exhibit regionally and nationally. When she’s not running her dog grooming business, Cathy is being entertained by her current pack of six, ages 18 months to 15 years. She has been involved in Schipperke rescue for 35 years and is an active member of the Salisbury Kennel Club.

Treasurer – Carol Burnett

A CSC member for more than two decades, she has served as Treasurer since 2008 and became Lead Correspondent of The Schip Scoop in 2015 before her “promotion” to Contributing Editor in 2019. Carol has also jumped in to serve as Interim Secretary and webmaster for five years. In addition, she has hosted a SchipNic at her home for more than a decade, and has been making the raffle baskets to benefit Schipperke rescue for several years. Carol is the proud owner of Katie, the only “red” Schipperke in CSC, and nine-year-old Scout, who she adopted in February 2022.

Recording Secretary – Michele O’Callaghan

Michele has been a Schipperke lover for almost 19 years. When she first joined CSC in 2003, she was being run ragged by a Schipperke puppy named Guinness. Over the years, Michele adopted a Schipperke from the local humane society named Jameson; and it was Guinness, Jamie, and Michele until Jamie crossed the rainbow bridge. Currently, Michele and her husband Brendan are parents to Reilly, an almost-five-year-old Schipperke mix, who is a wonderful walking partner.

Corresponding Secretary – Ruth Levesque

Ruth’s experience with dogs originated with Alaskan Malamutes. She and her husband have been involved with the breed since 1974 and have produced numerous champions, Group winners along with a multiple BIS dog. Her first involvement with Schipperkes was with her daughter Kristin Morrison. Ruth fell in love with the breed and when she was seeking a small lap dog, she turned to Kristin for a puppy. Ruth now co-owns two Schipperkes, which have added so much joy to her household and are so much fun. The best thing is that their antics make her laugh all the time. Laughter is always the best medicine.

Board Member – Ruta Slepetys

As a child, Ruta was intrigued by Schipperkes after seeing one in a dog breed book. She met her first Schip around 1997 and soon got her first (Skippy). Skippy could sing and dance and when she passed away, Ruta adopted rescues Samba (sadly passed in August 2019) and Zorro (still going strong) from Kelbri/TuDox. Zorro and Ruta met and joined the CSC at the 2019 SchipNic, and learned of the Schipperke Rescue Net, who brought them Fox. Ruta is excited by the prospect of helping to keep CSC active, going, and growing, having volunteered for two other club boards.

Board Member – Wanda Singhass

Wanda was first charmed by Schipperkes when she got her first one, Cinderella, in the 1990s. She started off as a Scoop subscriber before joining CSC about 20 years ago. In 2014 she became a board member and currently is the administrator of the CSC Facebook page. Wanda and her pups are staples at CSC events, especially SchipNics. She currently has one Schip, her rescue, Lady, as well as an honorary Schipperke, d.o.g.

Board Member – Lisa Nipp

A newish club member, Lisa joined CSC in fall 2020 after adopting her first Schipperke, Milo. She had wanted a Schip for 20 years, following the results of AKC’s “Find Your Perfect Dog” online quiz. A lifelong “cat person,” Lisa was won over by the description of the Schipperke as “the most cat-like of dogs.” Milo, a rescue, has come a long way toward improving his behavior since coming to live with Lisa and her 15-year-old son Emmett. His best friends are his cats, Blackberry and Nutmeg. Lisa is a longtime member of the Canine Training Association.

Board Member – Samantha Villenave

Samantha fell for Schipperkes a decade ago when she lived in France. Her first Schip Henix came with the family when they moved to Quebec in 2014 and then to Virginia in 2015. Sam and her family live on a small farm just north of Richmond with chickens, goats, and a pig as well as Schipperke Visa which as you can imagine is dog heaven. Sam is new to conformation but enjoys it. Arion her son is a new junior handler and her daughter Ruth also enjoys showing.